Teagan Glenane
Teagan Glenane


I blame my restless curiosity about the world on growing up in country Victoria, plus my love of films, books, nature and art.  

I have spent nearly ten years creating images and stories for newspapers, magazines, charities and corporate clients and today I work from Rotson Studio, in a mix of roles from producing through to filming and taking stills. I'm interested in people, travel and communicating issues for social change. 

I'm always looking to work with like minded people to tell stories which matter and collaborate with those doing great things, charity organisations, not for profits, and socially responsible companies.  

If you have a story you would like told, get in touch. 





Recent clients include

The Department of Justice
Inspire Group
Womens Health West
State Library of Victoria
Ballarat Regional Tourism
The Shitbox Rally
Auspicious Arts Projects
RSL Victoria
Foundation for Young Australians
Yothu Yindi Foundation
Nexus Summit
Australian Progress
Health Ability
Scarf Community